Dietary Note (Reception)

Both the bride and groom are vegan. As our wedding is representative of us, our values, and our beliefs, our reception will also be 100% vegan. Don’t worry though! You won’t walk away with an empty stomach. You won’t miss out on a filling meal or a delicious dessert. We do ask that if you have dietary restrictions (such as gluten-free, nut allergy, etc.) that you let us know when you RSVP so we can accommodate. You can find the RSVP form at the top menu on the page or click here.

We spend many dates nights whipping up some of our classic favorites: Malai chickpea dumplings, chickpea guacamole tacos, chocolate chip oat cookies, curries, spaghetti with homemade veggie balls. Sarah can whip up anything out of nothing and J R is happy to clean the dishes afterwards.

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