Drink Coffee, Give Life

Want to support fair trade, nonprofit companies that give back to the community just like we do? Coffee means a lot to us both. We both love stopping for lattes and spent some time earlier this year on a coffee research farm in Costa Rica. So we were thrilled to find (and support) this amazing company!

Three Avocado’s coffee is fantastic and they use 100% of the profits to provide clean water in Uganda and education in Nicaragua! They have already changed over 50,000 lives through their clean water initiatives.

Plus, purchasing through our special link helps the us give back to our community projects as well. Its win-win!

You can easily gift consumable holiday gifts (psst…that means little waste!) for under $15–and you can make your gift go farther. Every purchase also helps clean water campaigns through Three Avocados AND helps us with our array of community projects that we support.

Click here to be taken to the Three Avocado’s website and see all the good work that they do bringing clean water to rural communities!

Three Avocadoscaffeine-coffee-cup-6347

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