Wedding Recap

Its been almost 5 months since our wedding, and we have failed to post the official photos. Life has just been too busy!

On the morning of July 4, we made lifelong promises to each other at Jo’s Downtown in Mt. Pleasant, TX. Jo’s is a former antique store, bought by Center Church, and converted into a wonderful coffee shop.

Before the ceremony:

  • Open coffee bar — Jo’s Downtown
  • Donut wall — Helena’s Donuts

During the ceremony:

  • Music by NTCC Student String Quartet
  • Officiated by Sarah’s “church mom” Marolen Mitchell

After the ceremony:

  • Guests were open to serve themselves from our taco bar, catered by Laura’s Cheesecake and El Palote Panaderia (for delicious vegan taco meat!)
  • Desserts included a vegan cheesecake, wedding cake, groom’s cookie cake, and cinnamon rolls from Sublime Sweets

We may have forgotten the rings at home (whoops!) but we had the small intimate wedding that we both wanted and get to spend our lives with our favorite copilot for life.

Two days before the wedding, Sarah interviewed at a new college and about a week after the wedding, she got confirmation that she landed the job. In two weeks time, before the new school year, we had to move Sarah out of her home and move her into J R’s, along with finding rented pasture for all the rescue animals. So life has been a little busy in the last 5 months, wonderful but busy.

Below are a few photos from our wedding, may you share with us from afar!


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